Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Felt Q520

I am in training this week which means I get to wake up 3 hours later than normal, but I have to travel to Columbia, MD for Cisco training (ICND1). I went to the mall two days ago, but they didn't really have much going on there, so I went to Race Pace Bicycles yesterday. I got to test drive two bikes, a Felt Q520 and a Trek 4600D. They both were good bikes, the Trek the clear winner in lightness and structure, but with a pricde tag of 150% of the Felt, I think the Felt would be a clear winner. For a $400 bike, it had everything. Disc Brakes are key for real mountain biking. Because when you go through streams or get mud on your rims, the V-brakes don't really grip very well and if you get any small rocks or grit caught you end up rubbing your rims down.

I asked the wife about getting one and she simply said "I don't care... just get rid of your old one first." Sounds like a pretty solid answer. Considering the wet season here, a mountain bike might be a good commuter bike.

So I'm going to ask some coworkers what they think about it, but I might be purchasing one in the next week!

I present to you the hard tail Disc Break Felt Q520:


  1. Hey I posted this on slumber but might be easier to read here.

    Did some research. Bikes are always a balance. Get a good frame, the wheels will be crap. The more you spend, the more all components are in balance. Disk brakes on a $400 bike are going to be poor and frankly not much better than Rim brakes.

    So here are some options.

    Rincon. We actually have one of these, it's going strong after 6+ years. The new models do have disk brakes - thats OK as you have to buy a bike with disk brakes to be able to upgrade them (the wheels are built with hubs designed for disk brakes)

    Upgrade the brakes. Here are some links to decent hydraulics (wouldn't go mechanical disk at all).
    Here's the category i surfed:

    And some recommendations:

    Here's an awesome deal at Cambria bikes in the US - $50 per end for rotor, caliper, lever and pre-bled hose.

    Even cooler - one end, for $35, includes dual control level (so changes gears by moving brake level up and down)

  2. Well as you know Im no expert, but what Justin says about a $400 bikes quality sounds sensible. On the other hand, its a bloody good deal and a really nice looking bike - plus the missus practically said yes which wont happen often or with a more expensive model.

    Maybe see how much you can get for your old bike and if its more than you thought you might be able to spend the money on upgrading?

    I dont care what you get, Im still jealous.

  3. Justin - thanks for the huge research for me. That giant looks great, although finding it might be a bit of a problem. I'm going to see if anywhere around here has it, but if not I'll probably just get the cannondale f8 and see how the brakes work for Patapsco State Park.
    KungFoo - Haha, my current mountain bike is a $60 Walmart bike that is completely rusted and doesn't shift out of lowest gear, so I don't think I'd even be comfortable giving it away. And yea, wife knows I like riding and its a healthy alternative to the gym membership she won't let me get. So yea, good times!

  4. I think the felt is sexy, go for it! Just see what they'll do for you on the brakes :)

    I just picked up a 2nd hand bike -