Friday, March 19, 2010

Biking to work

This past week has been fantastic weather. Hovering in the upper 30s in the morning and peaking around 65 in the afternoon. I just couldn't take it anymore and hopped on my bike this morning. My coworker was going to ride in with me... if I could meet him at our "spot" on the B&A at 5:30am. So as I meandered past there at about 6:15 I didn't even pause to see if he stuck around.

I made poor time. Considering I couldn't see my feet in the near new moon lit path, I took it slow. I finished the B&A and took a little break to grab a photo...

Heading over the bridge I stopped again. I could tell sunrise was going to be happening soon... but I new I couldn't stick around for it. This is the Naval Acadamy from the... Naval Academy bridge. You can just make out the Maryland State House as the lit up white top on the right.

Anyways, I rolled into work at about 7:15. Not too bad for a 12.82 miler after not riding for so long. This will be my first "counted" ride for the year.

Miles: 25.64 (doubled for ride home)
Weight: 155.8


  1. :/ Considering this time last year I was at 180, I think I am in good standing to start the biking season!