Thursday, April 1, 2010

B&A Repairs

After work today I went for a little bike ride. Maryland is having beautiful weather, hovering in the upper 60s at 5pm. I took my normal loop, down Elvaton to the B&A, over to East West Blvd then do some street hopping to get back home.

But I totally forgot about the descrution of the B&A. It happens about 100 meters down from the junction of Elvaton and the B&A, and I was a bit surprised by it... I almost hit the fence they set up to keep people away. I climbed over that fence to get a better look...

Looks like they have just started getting some stones down there. But with all the rain we have had since then... I am sure the progress is slow. And they have some work cut out for them, as this is what they are holding it back against...

Luckily there is a little road that runs right across the other side of that bog, so I took that and went on my way.

So. I read quite a few biking blogs... and the biggest complaint I find bikers having is when people take the biking lane while in their cars. I have never had this issue as well, there really aren't any bike lanes (yet) anywhere I ride. But along East West Blvd there is an "activities" paved path that runs in the grass along the road. Nice and wide... wider than even the B&A. So... imagine my surprise when I see this wonderful sight on the path.


Tack on another 11 miles for today...


  1. hi, my grumble here in the UK is no cycle lanes...then cars that pass way too close...we have alot of washed out trails here too after a wet week...

  2. Yeah (UK resident too) and I never let my son on the road, plus if Im with him on the bike we both ride on the paths (sidewalks), which is technically illegal, but sod it - safety first. Okay there are some cyclists who seem to think pedestrians have no rights but we arent like that; its their path that we're using and we take care with them around, but car users on the roads seem to take a lot less notice of cyclists on the road.

    Good to see the B&A trail is being repaired too. Thats a LOT of water to hold back! See thats another thing - in the UK that repair wouldnt have begun until at least 2012 and would probably take another 3 years to finish.

  3. Hey Coastkid! Awesome blog you got there, I would love to visit scotland sometime. Have you ever biked Hadrian's Wall? I know thats not technically scotland, but on the off chance I get to go back over there soon, that was what I was hoping to do. And yea... Annapolis (my town) has started implementing "cycle roads" which sounded awesome until we realized they were just putting up signs saying "share the road".
    KungFoo: Yea, I used to ride on the sidewalk as well. Its illegal here too, but roads were just a bit too dangerous in my mind. Unfortunately the grates between each sidewalk slab pound your ass so hard I can't stand to be on them anymore.