Thursday, December 10, 2009

Revolution Kids

Annapolis is taking part in a national contest by Brighter Planet to help make our planet more green. Annapolis submitted their idea of "Revolution Kids" which teaches elementary and middle school children about biking and bike safety while allowing children from low income families to earn bikes. It is a great cause and something that, if they win, I would love to assist in. You need to register on the Brighter Planet website and you can each vote three times. Take a look at the Contest Page and cast your vote!

Even if you don't decide Revolution Kids is the best choice, anything that helps keep our planet healthy is a good thing in my book!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

East Coast Greenway

I had read about this awhile ago. It was posted on a sign along the B&A. I have a slight fascination with incredibly long distance trails. Having hiked a good portion of the central Appalachian Trail, I find the idea of a parallel bike route to be absolutely awesome. The East Coast Greenway is an attempt to create a complete trail from the northern tip of Maine to the tip of Key West, Florida. (The AT goes from Georgia to Maine). So basically, an East Coast bike path that I could get on and go visit my cousins in Florida or hang out with some friends up in Maine.

Their Maryland Section is coming along nicely, although I really question their want to go through inner city baltimore. I mean... gross. Either way they are using the B&A path and BWI Loop as segments along it. I really want to go out and ride the rest of this area, I've never heard of most of those routes!

And speaking of long distance cycling, check out some of the Bicycle World Records!

No room.

It saddens me to say that there just isn't enough room in the townhouse to fit another bike. My road bike is already jammed next to the dinner table, resulting in me having to slide in sideways to my seat. The only real option would be to store it at the in-laws house, but I really don't have much interest in dealing with that every time I take it out (and having to give it a thorough cleaning and drying afterwards). So for now, looks like I am outta luck.

I did get out and go biking around to the Baltimore and Annapolis Path yesterday. It was my first real "night" ride, although it wasn't even 7pm. I got in about 10 miles before the rain started coming down again, so I hauled ass back home for a total of about 15 miles. Took a nice hot shower to get some of my body heat back.

I brought in an extra pair of work clothes and a towel, so if tomorrow I wake up early enough I am going to attempt a ride into work... my first since the temperature has gotten below 70 degrees. Not sure exactly what I should be wearing, but its only 13 miles, so it really shouldn't matter all that much.

It is one month away from New Years, which means I need to start coming up with my New Year's Resolution. I have a terrible habit of not keeping them but figure any goal is better than no goal. I think I want to compete in an Olympic Triathlon, which is 1.5km swim, 40km bike, 10km run. I think its a decent goal to set for myself. I know I can bike 40km without breaking a sweat and I am a decent swimmer, so the big area of focus will have to be the running. I can jog for about 5km, so doubling that should make for a pretty solid goal. There is one up in Cecil County every year called the North East Triathlon (that is from last year) held in August, so that is a pretty sound goal.

What about you? Have you thought about your goals for the upcoming year?

Weight: 156 lbs (although that Chik-Fil-A I had for lunch and the Japanese Steakhouse I am having for dinner might tip me over 160)