Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Annapolis Bike Plan

I received an email from a guy who works for the city of Annapolis. He sends out emails once or twice a month with things going on about biking in an around Annapolis. This email was about a new initiative to discover the good and bad things about biking in Annapolis. He requested we use a map, which he provided, to outline high traffic areas, bike parking needs, dirty/unusable bike paths, dangerous intersections, etc. The map is online and at Community Walk. It is highly interactive and allows a user (with the username and password he provided) to add icons and notes anywhere with information.

When I first used it there were only about 5 icons. I added a dozen or so, but I find it funny how much it has blown up since then. I don't think you can make it a tenth of a mile without something wrong.

I went on a very short ride up to the start of BWI from my house this weekend, just to check out how safe it was. Looks to be a good route, though I might do some weaving through backroads to avoid sitting on West B&A as much as possible.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Bike 2 Work 2011

Biking season (for me) has officially begun! Today was Central Maryland's Bike to Work Day, which is put on every year by the Baltimore Metropolitan Council. Working in Annapolis, I went down to the City Docks to the rally where they had a food table, coffee table, and gave a few speeches. Even with the threat of thunderstorms this afternoon, it was an amazing turn out! I was keeping an eye out for Chesapeake Sailor, but I think he headed on in to work instead of sticking around for the festivities.

They only had three raffles this year, which was a lot less than the previous two years, but one coworker was lucky enough to win a bike chain picture frame:

Five of us from ARINC made it down to enjoy the rally.... here are a few pictures:

Friday, March 18, 2011

Beautiful Weather!

I've been in a training class all week and was lucky enough to get out early today. The wife headed home early as well and we did a quick little 9 mile bike ride down and back up the B&A. Glad that she was wanting to go out though I am looking forward to a solo bike ride so I can up the speed.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

A lot has been going on recently with me... I haven't posted in a few months due to... well, not really riding. I have done a few shorter rides, staying in my neighborhood, but the weather has kept me from doing much. I still haven't convinced myself to go out in sub 50 weather...

But, on the awesome side, my wife and I finally purchased a house! It is still in the process of being built, but once it completes, it will be a few miles from where our townhouse is, in Severn. 3.5 miles from the BWI loop and about 4 miles from B&A. It will be done January 31, so in a month we will be packing up and moving on in!

Today we went out shopping and I was surprised to see how warm it was, a nice 52 degrees. I decided to jump on my bike and do my normal Elvaton-B&A-East/West loop. Having never ridden in weather this cold (hey, its cold for me!) I donned bike shorts and a long sleeve Under Armor shirt with my new Dogfish Head jersey. Just a few pics... but I learned quite a bit. First off, gloves are necessary. It wasn't that bad, but my hands were very unresponsive. Second, I need a second layer of long, wind proof on my upper body. My legs, however were quite fine.

It also looks like they have made ZERO progression on fixing the B&A from where it washed out over a year ago.

Looks like Garmin Connect switched from Google Maps to Bing.