Friday, March 19, 2010

Biking to work

This past week has been fantastic weather. Hovering in the upper 30s in the morning and peaking around 65 in the afternoon. I just couldn't take it anymore and hopped on my bike this morning. My coworker was going to ride in with me... if I could meet him at our "spot" on the B&A at 5:30am. So as I meandered past there at about 6:15 I didn't even pause to see if he stuck around.

I made poor time. Considering I couldn't see my feet in the near new moon lit path, I took it slow. I finished the B&A and took a little break to grab a photo...

Heading over the bridge I stopped again. I could tell sunrise was going to be happening soon... but I new I couldn't stick around for it. This is the Naval Acadamy from the... Naval Academy bridge. You can just make out the Maryland State House as the lit up white top on the right.

Anyways, I rolled into work at about 7:15. Not too bad for a 12.82 miler after not riding for so long. This will be my first "counted" ride for the year.

Miles: 25.64 (doubled for ride home)
Weight: 155.8

Monday, March 8, 2010

Nice weather!

Yesterday we opened the windows to our townhouse and realized it was a beautiful day. Not wanting to miss out, I grabbed my bike, donned my new bike shorts I got for christmas from the wife and went out for a quick little 7 mile ride around the neighborhood. The ride is a loop from my house to the Baltimore and Annapolis Trail a few miles on that, then back along another road home. The trail was cleared of snow (finally) but I had to carry my bike a few hundred yards to get from one street to the next on my return home. That was through some cruddy wet mud which got my shoes all gunked up.

It felt great to be back out on the bike. Even though it was only 7 miles, I simply felt better after riding. I can tell the winter has destroyed my leg muscles... they were straining for the first few miles but eventually warmed up.

It was my first time riding "bicycle shorts". Or rather, -my- form of bicycling shorts. I can't stand the pads in the crotch of real shorts... feels like a diaper, but the spandex did make the ride much more comfortable and reduced the constant scraping of my usually shorts against my legs.

I wanted to ride in to work today, but I was in training all last week and had to bring my computer in. The weather looks to be holding up in the 30s and 40s this week so I should be set to ride in tomorrow!