Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My poor B&A

It appears the Baltimore & Annapolis trail has washed out in a key place during the last few weeks of rain and snow.


  1. With my Hannibal Smith hat on, I'd say that looks like an ideal take off ramp. Mountain bike terrain imo. Presumably the Parks Department will clear it at some point in time, but that must have been some rain you had. Our snow vanished more or less last weekend, but last night I was driving through some back roads and the snow run off seems to have caused a fair few floods, which I usually only found the back side of a blind bend.

  2. That picture is from HERE. That is marshland that the guy is looking at in the picture and the trail acts as a boundary to the left side. The ground just got so saturated for such an incredible length of time it just degraded into nothingness. Luckily you can backtrack just a bit, pick up Old Jumper's Hole Road to Waterford and detour around the washout. Plain crazy!