Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Annapolis Bike Plan

I received an email from a guy who works for the city of Annapolis. He sends out emails once or twice a month with things going on about biking in an around Annapolis. This email was about a new initiative to discover the good and bad things about biking in Annapolis. He requested we use a map, which he provided, to outline high traffic areas, bike parking needs, dirty/unusable bike paths, dangerous intersections, etc. The map is online and at Community Walk. It is highly interactive and allows a user (with the username and password he provided) to add icons and notes anywhere with information.

When I first used it there were only about 5 icons. I added a dozen or so, but I find it funny how much it has blown up since then. I don't think you can make it a tenth of a mile without something wrong.

I went on a very short ride up to the start of BWI from my house this weekend, just to check out how safe it was. Looks to be a good route, though I might do some weaving through backroads to avoid sitting on West B&A as much as possible.

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