Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A few more websites

I frequently use MapMyRide to figure out my distances and also view some routes I plan on taking. It is a great free site, though it does have an unnecessary amount of adspam on it. While browsing around, I located a few more sites that offer the same idea as MapMyRide, but without the as many ads.


What is really neat is as I was browsing through ridewithgps, I saw a coworker who had a few rides listed, including his ride from home to work. It doesn't go down the B&A like mine does, so I altered his ride a little bit to start from my house and discovered it can cut 7 miles off my commute! Down from 20 miles, it is a mere 13 miles. Hell, 11 miles if I want to ride for a little bit on a "highway" (not really an interstate, but probably too busy, though at 6am might be doable).

Tomorrow, assuming rain holds out, I am going to give this a try. If it is viable, then it will be great, as I currently have been driving a bit south before parking and getting on my bike.

You can see my new path Here.

Perhaps you can find some rides on those for around your area too!

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  1. Ridewithgps.com seems to be the most easy to use for plotting rides and gpsies.com seems to have a lot of rides already saved. I will probably use the ridewithgps site to plot with.

    Great finds. I just couldnt seem to get to grips with mapmyride, but ridewithgps seems so much simpler.