Sunday, April 4, 2010

Out on the BWI

Unfortunately my wife's allergies have just started up so I went riding on my own today. I left my house and travelled northbound on the B&A through Glen Burnie and jumped onto the BWI Loop. Seeing as how it was a beautiful day, there were a ton of people out so the trail was quite crowded. Spring had clearly sprung and the trees were in full bloom. About half way around the BWI Loop from where the B&A meets it is the highest point of the loop. There is a horse farm there and, in my opinion, the best view on the trail. That second picture is at the top of a windy hill that you can hit 35+ miles an hour on. I wanted to record it, but unfortunately my camera cut out early in the ride when I had to hang the camera to switch out some gears. Still, you can see the airport in all its beauty!

After you ride a bit more, you reach a small stream crossed over by a bridge. You can see a few similar pictures from me last year. But for this year...

And finally you end up at the main parking spot from the BWI Loop where planes come cruising over top of you to land.

All in all it was a great ride. My bicycle computer is saying it was just under 25 miles and mapmyride is saying 26 miles. Granted I really don't know the exact way I take from where the B&A ends to where I jump on the BWI, so I'll say it was 25 miles and be done.
Weight: 151.6

Happy East all!


  1. Nice distance but a shame about the allergies your wife got caught up with. Seems a lot of people these days suffer from stuff like hayfever etc - or maybe its just we recognise it more than our parents / grandparents did. Thanks to the map I now know what the BWI stands for too lol.

    Hope the path is sound as it looks like youre riding on thin "racing" tyres. Something I read somewhere was if you have a flat and dont have a means to repair it, stuff as much grass into the tyre as you can which will protect the rim and make it so you can cycle (carefully) home.

  2. Haha yea, BWI = Baltimore Washington International (Airport) which is just outside the Baltimore Beltway and only a 5 mile ride from my house. And I am sure my grandma would have toughed it out... I think that nowadays people are just more... comfortable. My tires are generic road bike tires, 700x23, so flats do happen often enough that I carry a hand pump, patches and spares, although I might give that grass trick a try for a real quick fix! Thanks for the idea!