Friday, April 9, 2010


This past work week has been a bit of a jump off the ship for me. After promising both myself and some coworkers that I would participate in this year's Baltimore Marathon (more correctly, I will be doing the half marathon), I began my training regiment. A coworker printed off a sheet that he used, Hal Hogdin's Half Marathon Training Guide. I have to admit, I haven't ran... ever.

That guide starts off with you running 3 miles. Well, that seemed a bit steep for me, so I did 2 miles all this week, averaging a terrible 20 minutes each run. Although, I do notice that it has gotten easier as the week has progressed, which probably has less to do with my leg muscles strengthening and more of me learning how to run properly. The first day I tried literally running. It was terribly painful and I was sore as hell after probably the first half mile. Now I just jog. While my speed has gone down, I can do this for a full two miles without wearing myself out.

Next week I will be back to biking. Since both use the legs, I figure a cross train would be ideal, and I just love biking much more.

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  1. yeah but I suspect youve got to get your feet and legs used to the pounding that cycling doesnt give them. There will be the whole weight of your body dropping on one leg at a time so thats where you need to strengthen up, and take care of your ankles - weak points.

    I used to be a pretty good long distance runner in school and even entered a few competitions back then. I used to like it, but eventually it just kept doing in my right ankle.