Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Three Roads

Woke up this morning at 5:15. Last night I packed everything I would need in my backpack and had my clothes laid out ready to toss on. Rolled out of bed, turned the coffee on and got dressed. Grabbed my coffee and sat down to watch the News. "Just two degrees shy of a record low in Baltimore" was just about the first thing I heard. Damn. So I ran back up, tossed on a few extra layers and out the door I went at 5:45 with 34 degrees (1 degree Celsius) and the moon high and full.

I have to admit, I was a bit nervous. I had only been down these roads twice before and both times was driving. One time I got lost. Add the fact that two of these roads are "highways", I wanted to get out on the road as quick as possible and beat the morning commuters.

I had my first big hill, so I pulled off to take a picture. It didn't turn out, but as I was tucking my camera back in, another biker came up behind me, came to a stop and asked if I was ok and if I needed anything before he took off zooming down the hill. I always like that... the unwritten biking code of checking on others whenever they are stopped.

Anyways, Veteran's Highway wasn't bad at all. General's Highway wasn't that bad either, though the lack of a shoulder was a bit intimidating, especially with the buses that travel up and down the road. I did take a little break at a cool looking church. It reminded me of my trip to England. Sunrise was at 6:12 this morning, its kinda neat to look at these pictures, from a no sun, rising sun, to full sun.

I paused for a few minutes where the guy that showed me this route connects to General's Highway, but he never showed so I kept on going. I connected to Crownseville Road which is where the largest Rennaissance Festival on the east coast is held every year, the Maryland Renaissance Festival! From the road you can only catch a glimpse of its entrance "gate" and there were enough "No Trespassing" signs that I decided to stay away.

And its "parking lot"

Anyways, I finally rolled in to work exactly 62 minutes after I took off. I think I found my new way into work! And I was the first biker in this morning (which is kinda bragging rights here in the office, so yay me).

I achieved some of my goals, which I will update later today. For now, coffee and some meetings!


  1. Blimey thats a dark time to set out mate, especially when you dont know the route so well lol. Congrats on striking off 3 things on the list - I can see most of them being a piece of cake for you.

  2. Well dark mate,Biking has a great community.

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