Monday, April 26, 2010


A big thanks to KungFoo for both adding a tab to his site and directing me over to Biking2Work. I have now added a tab to track my goals for this year. Granted, I know it will be slow going as I am trying to train up for running (hmmm, perhaps I should add some running goals) but alas, go ahead and check them out. Some of them are going to be quite easy and I can bet that I could knock out 5-10 of them in my first real ride. But hey, that will only motivate me to knock out some more, right?

But making that list made me realize just how close to things I am. My parents live 57 miles away. The Atlantic freaking ocean is 107 miles away. (Its actually much closer, but then I'd be in Delaware and who wants to be there?!?) And even cooler is Outer Banks, North Carolina is only 200 miles away! If you live on the eastern seaboard of the US and have never been to the Outer Banks, you are missing out.

I contacted a good friend of mine about possibly renting a house with him and our significant others down there in the late fall. If things go through, we will bike down over the course of the weekend and meet our ladies down at the house for the week then we will all haul ourselves back up. And if, for whatever reason, that falls through, then we can do the same thing but out to Ocean City.

It is still raining out, so I doubt I'll get out tonight. But just making that list is getting me pumped up. I want to see if I can strike out all those max speeds on my first ride out!


  1. Bugger me!! You dont go for any half measures when setting goals do you! Great idea and I will be copying ti, although to a lesser extent - like cycle 5 miles, cycle 5.1 miles, etc lol.

    I sent you a PM on creating a page but now see you did it already :) Its a great thing.

    I really hope to see you ticking off those goals mate. I'll give you what for if you start slacking :)

  2. Haha! A goals a goal man! 5 miles to 5.1 miles is still a change! And hell, if making one for 6 miles makes you go that extra mile, then do it! But in all seriousness, if I bike to work once, I can cross off:
    Cycle 10 miles in one journey
    Reach 35 mph (hello Naval Bridge
    1 day to work
    And hopefully a few of the times to and from work.

    Right outside of my house is a nice long hill that I should be able to top out at ~40mph. It will be a test to see if I can reach 50... anywhere.

    And yea, figured out the pages though I like your tabs a lot more than mine. You do have a different layout though, so that might be something for me to look at.

  3. yup its all done in the draft dashboard thing option I mentioned in the PM.