Monday, July 26, 2010


(And yes, Kungfoo, this is ripped from knightly)

Sunday I went crabbin. Unfortunately, due to my old high school buddy being a dumbass and not showing up, it was just me and one other friend. We didn't get out to the docks until about noon... which is not only the worst time to go crabbing (mid day) but also the damn hottest. And we had to deal with a full dock, so we could only place a half dozen chicken neck lines. :( We only lasted an hour before we were completely dehydrated and called it a day.

We caught about a dozen crabs, though only 5 of them were keepers. So... here are some pics of the cooking!

And yes, they were delicious. The third and fourth shows the seasoning... a mixture of Old Bay and J.O. Seasoning.
We think we are going to make this a weekly thing. $6 to get into the park and if we get there early I am sure we can catch a few dozen.


  1. did they scream when you chucked them in the pot? As my brother in law did the crabs and lobster last night I had thoughts of Himmler & the gas chambers. Im sure if the crabs ever take over the world there will be a few humans in the war crimes courts.

    If you catch enough could you sell them? Im sure some would pay for a nice sized crab the easy way.

  2. Haha nah, we cooled them down a bit to make sure they wouldn't squirm too much. And nah, we can't sell them without getting licenses. Otherwise we aren't "Recreational crabbers" and instead are "Commercial crabbers". Though, if we did get licenses (which aren't too expensive) we could set up crab traps. If you don't have a license the law requires you to "actively capture the crabs" which means you -must- have some for of physical interaction with the crabs to capture them. So you can't lay down one of those traps where the crab can crawl in but gets stuck unless you have a license.