Thursday, July 8, 2010

Damn it is hot!

Well, in accordance with my plan to do the July 150 challenge, I decided to go on some bike rides today. The first was to do something I have never done. I figured, considering I now have a mountain bike, I could actually carry some stuff on it. So I went out to the store to pick up some necessities. It was actually amazing. I got some bread, some meat, some lettuce, sauces, pickles, etc and brought in on home. I give the mountain bike a 10/10 for the ability to carry said groceries home.

So after that delightfully healthy meal, I went out for the bike ride I normally did on my road bike, the 7 mile loop + 3 mile Kinder Farms loop. But, since I didn't actually have to stay on a road, I jumped off into the local baseball park and did some loops through dugouts, trees, and what not before getting onto Elvaton.

I was surprised to see they built a rather large chain link fence around the broken B&A I've mentioned before...

though I was still able to climb around the fence and take a look at the work they've done... which, to be honest, doesn't look like anything.

To be fair though, I'm not sure I want them to rebuild it. Put a bridge over it or something... but with the water drained out of the marshland on the right hand side, that area has been flourishing! Just check out all the greenery!

I got to the Kinder Farms park side entrance and was amazed to see the pond at the entrance completely dried up. Just a testament to how damn hot it's been here!

Normally my bike would be completely underwater!

I did about a half hour of riding around in Kinder Farms... it was starting to get dark by the time I left. And those bamboo trees that popped my tire on my first trek out were looking pretty intimidating.

The lake surface was so completely calm I got a perfect mirror image of the trees on the other side.

And I made it home just as the sun was setting over the tree line.\

I did love how absolutely beautifully green everything was this time of year. And I can tell my running has upped my endurance crazy.

16 miles for today, or there-abouts. I know I did 13 on the road... and 3 is probably a low estimate for inside Kinder Farms, but I'd rather low-ball.