Friday, July 9, 2010

Why I don't go up the B&A

I headed out at 7pm this afternoon for a nice little bike ride. I opted to take my mountain bike again due to a semi-flat on my road bike and lack of motivation to change the tire... seriously... I really need to.

Anyways, I opted to head up northward of the B&A tonight. Where I get on the B&A at Elvaton is pretty much the socio-economic middle point. Northward is the... ghetto/industrial side and south is the pretty side. Not that the north is really that bad, but it is definitely not the route to take for the enjoyment of sights.

Shortly after heading northward you cross route 100.

And then you are at Marley Station Mall. There is really zero reason to ever step foot in this mall, except they have two Gamestops.

I passed three groups of teenagers hanging out along the B&A... all three groups passing around a pipe of pot. But hey, at least they were nice enough to get off the path as I came barreling through.

At the very end of the B&A is a pretty neat little abstract art sculpture. Not that I really understand abstract art, but its all good.

I was also sad to see they are officially ripping down the cheapo movie theater, the last place I know of that you could see a movie for $1.99.

I went back down the B&A past Elvaton and even further past East West. For the first time I wanted to take the main entrance to Kinder Farms. I rode around on the dirt paths in there for a little bit and as I turned a corner I was surprised to see a rather large buck standing along the path. I jumped off my bike and took a few terrible pictures before he headed into the nearby brush where there were two more bucks! I laughed wondering if they were gay, cuz seriously, where the women at?!?

I eventually got too close and they hopped away.

Anyways, I mentioned I got that jersey the other day so here it is.

I took off as the storm clouds started coming in and made it home by 8:30.
Tack on 19.8 miles for the July 150 challenge!


  1. i never get a picture of deer!...thay always run off before i get the camera out!

  2. hmmm those shorts look like theyre seriously damaging any chances of you fathering children mate.

  3. I wants your jersey. Thats pretty cool!

  4. Hiya Carrie! Granted the shipping would probably be insane, you can purchase it from The Black Dog. They have a few other styles as well, but my wife loves dogs so I went with that one. :)

  5. @ coastkid: I was surprised that they let me get so close. But I am sure they have a lot of human interaction considering they live on a public park that is only a few dozen acres.

    @kungfoo: Haha. My wife made me wear them. I was walking out the door in my baggy shorts and she said I looked ridiculous, what with my new jersey but not cycling shorts. They aren't really cycling shorts though, I can't stand padding in my ass, makes me feel like I'm wearing a diaper.

  6. I think I saw the same deer the other day. A young buck, startled me a little further south than where you took this, hoped right in front me. He cleared the paved width of the path in one leap. Very impressive.