Saturday, July 17, 2010

First Ride with SPP

Thanks to Chesapeake Sailors post regarding his bike club, the Severna Park Peloton, I decided to sign up for their email list. I found out they were doing two rides this morning, both originating along the B&A at East West. I decided to tag along with them down to the Annapolis docks for breakfast.

I rode out to the meeting point a bit earlier to give myself a moment to rest before starting the trek with them. I was the first one there

Shortle thereafter another guy showed up and we started chatting and by the designated start time, about 23 people were there, including a tandem bike couple. I introduced myself to everybody and they were all very friendly. We took off at 0730, a majority of us to go down to Annapolis and the rest to go to Ellicott City.

It was great! We were cruising along at about 18 mph, which was very easy when your riding in a group and can draft. At some point, we took a side road along a broken pavement road. The leader of the group asked if we wanted to do hills. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of saying yes. Let me tell you something. When a guy whose legs look like this:

asks you if you want to do hills, it is 100% acceptable to say "no". Needless to say, I tried my hardest to keep up (though I got dropped rather immediately), but he was nice enough to turn around (after he already finished the 2-ish miles of pure hills, ride BACK UP and down the hills to find me, and then turn around and lead me BACK UP the hills he had already done...twice.

Great guy.

Anyways... we made it down to the city docks where we enjoyed some coffee and bagels before getting back on the ride.
Our bikes outside Aromi d'Italia:

The view outside the store:

Anyways, we took off for the return trip. Once again some people split off to take another route home (Crownsville, which was the way I got to work about a month ago) while me, the leader, and two other guys went back along the B&A.

Great ride and I am looking forward to doing it again... minus the "hills"!

Tack on 33.7 miles for the July 150 challenge. Not much more to go!


  1. I'm glad you met with the group and had a good time. I'll be back home in a couple of weeks. Look forward to meeting you then.

  2. Gerk. Those are legs of ouch. My favourite warning sign is to immediately turn for home whenever a cyclist tells you "I'm not a climber". Yup, you guessed it...

  3. I'd stop all exercise completely if I saw my legs turning into those twisted pylons. Thats just WRONG!

    Good to read you found some guys to cycle with. I bet thats made the riding a lot more enjoyable.

  4. @Chesapeake: Thanks man! I am very jealous of your ride out to DE!
    @Carrie: Haha, hills are teh suck.
    @KungFoo: Yea, the group should be fun. I missed this morning's bike to work due to a power outage (damn storm), but hoping I can go tomorrow!