Thursday, July 22, 2010

Riding up to the BWI Loop

I headed out last night for a ride back up the B&A. Like I mentioned in a previous post, I don't very much enjoy the northern side of the B&A. I was planning on turning around where the B&A dead ends, but about 100 yards before there some punk ass decided to play chicken with me. I was barreling down at a semi-brisk pace and this guy, riding a kid's bike, stayed on my side of the path while coming at me. I yelled at him to move over, but he just stared at me. At the last second I bunny hopped off the side of the path and turned around. He stopped and stared me down. Fuck it... so I just kept on going. I decided a run in with him probably wasn't the smartest idea, so I kept on riding to the BWI loop. I turned around right at where it "started", and headed on back home via East/West. Not wanting to get caught inside Kinder Farms, I didn't do that and was back home in no time.

On an unrelated note, somebody deleted my data for the July 150, so I had to re-input it all again. Glad I've been keeping track1


  1. Good choice. I've also had luck defusing potential encounters on that stretch with a cheerful greeting: "Good Morning" or a simple "Hey how are you?" If you don't come across as a threat those inclined to make drama often won't.

    Stay safe.

  2. Yea, I always say "Good morning/afternoon" to anybody I pass on the path. This guy I yelled a "Coming right" to him a good 50 yards away, but it was clear his intent was to run me off. I could have cut to my left, but there was another rider semi-close behind him that I would have then cut off.

    Although, that wasn't my worst moment on the northern side. I had shopping carts pushed down a hill at me near the shopping center near AACC as well. I got past them, but when I turned around to see who pushed them, they were already hidden so I kept going.