Saturday, May 1, 2010

Wife out!

I was going to head up to Gettysburg this morning to do some loops through the battlefields, but my wife said she wanted to go for a ride. So I loaded up the car with our bikes and drove down the street to where the B&A meets Elvaton. She had some trouble getting her second foot in the pedal cage, but other than that she did great! I was talking to her the whole time about how to shift and how to stop, but after awhile of me saying "To pedal easier push left, harder push right!" she got it nailed down and off we flew.

We rode to the end of the B&A and turned around right before the lane to get to the BWI Loop. Here we are at the turn around spot. That brick building on the left is the parking deck I use to get on/off the B&A from the northern end.

7.5 miles ain't bad for her first trip! Woo hoo!


  1. Looks like you had a great time in the sun there. Weather wasnt so good here - kind of overcast and raining off and on. Tomorrows supposed to be worse but if we get a dry spell Ben & I are going out to try a new route Ive worked out on GPS.

    Monday is a Bank Holiday here and Karens off work so the 3 of us are hoping to all go out cycling & have a picnic.

  2. I have found a site that contains video's for Mark Beaumont cycled the America's


    The weather certainly looks better than it is in the uk at the mo mate