Friday, May 7, 2010

$1 Bike Mount and a Video

After seeing some videos posted over at Massive Mountain Biker, I decided I really wanted a bike camera. Even with the MD80's coming in at $30 shipped, I knew I already had a camera which could take video. So I came up with a way to mount my Kodak C613 on my bike.
The camera:

I went to Lowes (a hardware store) and bought a 1.5" long 1/4 inch wide screw, two nuts and two bolts for a total cost of $0.48. I then went to my local bike shop, dug around their rubbage bin to find a spare mount. Really, any mount would do, light, reflector, anything. I managed to find a broken bike computer mount for $0.50.

I drilled a small hole in the extended part of the mount, threaded the screw through, (surrounded by the nuts and bolts) and then tossed the whole device on the bike:

After that, I just screw the camera on (the camera has a screw hole for use with tripods). It is ugl and not the most secure thing in the world, but it works impressively well for under a buck.

So then, here is a video I made with this thing sitting on my bike. It leaves my house, shows the max speed I get on this ride (right at the start) then speeds up. I got off the bike a few times to verify the thing was still recording and it was doing great. Unfortunately, my batteries were dying, so I had to restart it a few times then I finally gave up as I made my way onto East/West Blvd. Enjoy!

Music: Any Given Day by Carbon Leaf


  1. Good job mate and so cheap as well excellent

  2. wow that was so much better than photo's. First things that hit me were a) I heard your voice for the first time in many years & b) you cycle on the wrong side of the road - yeah I know the USA is all back to front like that but I kind of forget these things lol.

    Brilliant video, great idea and you've finally convinced the last percentage in me to get a vido cam for the bike too. Amazon here we come...

  3. Haha, aye, scared the shit out of me when I first stepped foot over in England... could've sworn the bus was gonna get hit by oncoming traffic. Here's to hoping your camera has a higher resolution than mine!