Monday, May 17, 2010

Up to Gettysburg

Saturday morning the wife gave me a choice. Go do my bike ride I had been wanting to do for weeks or go on 90 minute car ride to her aunt's for lunch. Hard choice, right?

I left in the early light of the morning and drove up to Gettysburg. Since a majority of you reading this are probably not American, Gettysburg was the location of the bloodiest battle in the American Civil War (ya know, the war we had after we kicked all your arses :P) and what most people believe the turning point of the war. Robert E. Lee got his butt handed to him by Meade.

Unfortunately (and I am still kicking myself)in my rush to get out in the morning I left my camera at home (along with my helmet!), so no pictures. It was a great day to be out biking though. I rode up and down Little and Big Round Top and took a break to explore Devil's Den. All in all it was 42 miles according to my bike computer... which seems about right as I was attempting to follow this guide. It took about 3 hours and I made it home right around lunch time.

Amazing time, some nice hills, and all around a great workout. Unfortunately sunday I came down with a stomache pain and didn't make it out to do anything.


  1. wow! Looks like that was a great ride mate. Stomach ache caused by a certain relatives food perhaps? Have you checked for arsenic? Little old ladies can be quite vindictive you know. If you ever feel like theres a sniper scope watching you, start to jiggle side to side.

  2. Good going mate, quite a pedal! Oh and by the way, that war you were talking about before your Civil War, wasn't in fact a war, it was a Police Action and therefore doesn't count... ;-)

  3. KungFoo: Haha, nah I think I just drank far too much coffee in the morning. 3 cups at breakfast then 2 at lunch. No fun for the rest of the day.
    Clive: Alright, deal. We'll just claim the same thing for Vietnam and the current one too then!