Saturday, May 22, 2010

Beautiful day out with the Wife

This morning the weather was great so the wife and I decided to do the same route we did a few weekends ago. We took off from Elvaton northward on the B&A. When we got to the end, which is where we turned around last time, we decided to trek on ahead. I kept us going until we had done 5 miles, putting us just about half mile away from the BWI loop.

This area is in a small forest. I know the picture doesn't look like it, but there is a great 7 foot wide bike trail (which I am standing on to take the picture. Here is the wife at the 5 mile mark.

We turned around there and made our way back. Nat got her first real "scare" when we were crossing a street and some jerk lady slammed on the gas only so she could slam on the brakes and blare her horn as we were crossing when we were legally supposed to. I got yelled at by the wife for stating my opinion of the driver loud enough so she could hear. Haha.

Anyways, we took a little break at one of the flower gardens that dot the B&A.

And we ended our trip at just over 10 miles.

After that we grabbed a lunch from the deli across the street from where we parked. Great morning!

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  1. There are jerk drivers all over the world but also it has to be said there are some jerk cyclist
    But spot on for telling her praps she mite think next time, we can only hope mate
    Great pics