Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Too damn cold

The weather has been too damn cold/rainy/undesirable to be out riding for the past few days. Hopefully with the weather heating up today I can get out for a quick ride after work. Instead, I've been working out inside. Unlike KungFoo, I don't have an exercise bike, though I would really love to get a set of nice rollers at some point. I'd think they'd go on sale soon enough, considering their sales probably plummet during the spring and summer when people start to go outside again.

I've been working my legs a lot indoors, doing squats and leg extensions. After about a half hour, my legs seem to have a much more intense workout than an hour or two on a bike!

Anyways, go check out CoastKid's latest blog entry, Midweek Trailride. I have to admit, I am thoroughly jealous of all the history he gets to see on a daily basis living in Scotland. The pictures from that ride show a knight's tomb, which I can't even begin to describe how amazing that is to me.


  1. Nice rollers, but wouldn't you feel a bit worried that you would cycle off the side? I looked on one of your Wallmart sites and they have exercise bikes for less than that cost. Mine was around £50.00 from my wifes work - its a "Carl Lewis" branded one and was about the cheapest you can get.

    Wallmart even do relatively cheap motorised treadmills I see if you wanted to get more into the running thing.

  2. Hey up mate, I've just noticed, isn't that Warwick Castle in your profile piccy? That's only about a 30 minute drive away from me!

    If it's not it's a bloody good look alike!



  3. Hey Clive, yes it is! I went over to England for a week last September and stayed in Cheltenham. Took day trips to Sudeley, Warwick, Stratford and Oxford. Did a bit of hiking along the Cotswold Way. You can see my pictures here. Good chance I'll be back over there in October of this year!