Thursday, May 6, 2010

Out on the B&A: Repairs lacking

It was such a nice day out that I took a ride along the B&A after work last night. I did my normal loop, skipping Kinder Farms, as the wife was getting hungry. It seems that there has been zero progression on fixing the B&A where it washed out oh so long ago. In fact, the only difference I noted was they put up a wooden barrier in an attempt to prevent people from getting to the hole. I jumped over it and snapped a few photos.

They might have done some damming of the wall on the right. I know this picture doesn't really show it all that well, but the water level is about 2 feet above the hole in the path.

There was a cool little bird that was sticking its head out of its nesting hole every few seconds, looking around, then going back in. Enhanced zoom for the loss.

Anyways, they diverted the path as I mentioned before down a side road for about a quarter mile that eventually reconnects with the path. You get to cross over a little bridge that spans the swamp.

And you ride the B&A until you get to East/West Boulevard, which is a great road for bikes, as there is a dedicated biking/walking path off to the side. Here I am on the bridge on the B&A passing over East/West.

Trip time: 00:30:34
Average speed: 14 mph
Top Speed: 27.4 mph

Total this week: 28.3 miles
Time: 02:10:34
Climb: 1,143 feet


  1. Sure looks a nice ride home mate

  2. Yeah a superb trip and a great day by the looks of it. Shame about the lack of repairs but the alternative path seemed quite nice.