Monday, May 3, 2010

Awesome Bike Stat Video

First off, new blog layout so I can have larger pictures and whatnot in the body of the post.
I have been looking for a gps device that will keep track of data for me as I climb/descend hills. I have a cheap-o bike computer that I bought from target for about $10 that gives me some of my vital stats, but I'd love to know my exact routes and data for every single pedal I push. I inquired over on reddit what some of the other guys use, and it seems like Garmin Edge series is the way to go. Unfortunately, their Edge 605 and 705 devices are way out of my price range. A user mentioned his Garmin Edge 500 series device and linked to a video he made. Check this awesome video out!

I asked for his source code for it, or rather, his website on instructions for this, so I'll update this once he gives it to me, but damn... I am impressed!

In the mean time, for the best review I have seen thus far on the Edge 500, head over to DC Rainmaker's review of the product. I wonder what the wife would think if $250 went missing right about now...


  1. wow love that Edge 500. Funny enough I've been looking around for something with GPS & a calorie counter too, and I agree they're all too expensive unless you're seriously competitive or old & rich. Would Mrs Stout realise how expensive it is? You bet your ass she would!

    Even ebay has them for sale at extortionate figures. I've decided to settle for something cheaper that just measures calories.

    By the way check out Les Beales site for a very cheap helmet camera link in one of his recent posts. Its too good to pass up on.

  2. Haha, yea she definitely would, though if she gets into biking then she might believe it would be a good investment.
    I've started following Lez as well, though I haven't read too much of his backposts, I'll be certain to check it out. Sad thing about his crash! I'd love to get a camera mounted... my coworker has one that he used to tape my ass crawling down the B&A awhile back.

  3. i really fancy something like this but didnt know anyone with one...thanks for the post and links on info...

  4. Just want to say Coastkid that I love reading your blog mate. Been doing it for a while now. Scotland holds a special place in my heart.

  5. That is awesome the video and stats mate, makes the vido even more interesting

  6. Just watched that video. At 1:53 I could swear he whispers "hey fat arse" lmfao.