Monday, May 10, 2010

Scary Biking Video

I saw this posted over on Reddit's bicycling subreddit. Just goes to remind us all to ride defensively and never assume a driver sees you. Cuz even if you don't do anything wrong, a car is gonna win the fight every time.

I only got out for a ride on Saturday this weekend. Truth be told, it kicked my ass. The wind was terrible and I was a bit nervous to be latched into my pedals. Sunday was Mother's Day and I opted to not do anything bike related. To be honest, this whole week is looking bad. Low temperatures on some days, raining on others, and isolated thunderstorms on the rest. I doubt I'll be biking to work at all this week.


  1. sheeeeit! I can see that from both points of view though.
    a) the cyclist was pretty much hacking it along and if he showed a bit of caution he ought to have slowed down at the roundabout (even though he had right of way) & also pulled out into the middle of the road to indicate he was going to the 2nd exit.
    b) the driver should have slowed (and preferably stopped) at the give way lines as he didnt know which way the cyclist was going to go.

    A lucky cyclist.

    Weather here is turning chilly too. Suns out occasionally but theres still a bit of a cold wind.