Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Local Bike Race Sabotaged

Apparently a bike race down where I used to live (and went to college) got sabotaged. Some numbnut laid out a line of thumbtacks onto the course and when the riders went over them the all slid out. This is absolutely terrible.

I am a bit surprised they held a bike race in Leonardtown. It is a pretty run-down crappy neighborhood surrounded by pristine roads and beautiful water-front views. I actually rented a house right down the street from where this happened for a few months before I moved up here. If you hook a left right after the fire station you run into a strip club.

I am also surprised with the crash. Unless the guy saw them and attempted to move around them, I am surprised with how quickly he was taken down. Anyways, hopefully the jackass that did this will get caught and have to pay dearly.

Leonardtown Criterium Crash - Pro/1/2 Race from Bryan Vaughan on Vimeo.


  1. Some sick kid I bet. If he only gets to feel for himself someday how painful it can be grazing yourself on roads, picking the gravel out, jabs & weeks of pain all because of this stupid joke.

    (Was the strip club any good?..just curious y'know)

  2. Bloody hell, they came down pretty rapidly, I hope the tosser that did that gets his eventually...

  3. Some idiots idea of a sick joke, ope as saying goes "what goes around comes around" they deserve there cumuppence