Monday, May 10, 2010

Rider's Collective: Free Online Magazine

Awhile back KungFoo posted a link to an online Mountain Biking Magazine. I now present a general riding magazine, the Rider's Collective. It is filled with beautiful pictures, stories, and advertisements. Of particular interest to me are the "How to Ride with your Wife" on Page 18 and Cycling the Blue Ridge Parkway on Page 20.

I have been staring at my Skyline Drive route, attempting to determine how best to do it. The Skyline is what precedes the Blue Ridge Parkway. Anyways, give it a read!


  1. Cool find on the magazine. I'll post a link to it in my blog. Always short of something to read and there looks like some good stuff there.

    My opinion of Skyline Drive is "you must be nuts". The elevations on there! I'd suggest doing it by helecopter. I bet its beautiful to cycle though.

  2. I texted my friend who enjoys doing asinine outdoors shit with me asking if he "wanted to attempt to make the show "I Shouldn't be Alive" with a link to that profile. Still waiting to hear back. It really wouldn't be too bad if we did it in two days though.