Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Entry Level Road Bikes

A coworker is looking to get a new road bike, so I wrote up a little spreadsheet showing some of the more well known entry level road bikes with their retail price, their derailleur components and their website. You can find it on a tab up there at the top or here. Of course, those prices are what is posted on the manufacturer's website, so you should be able to find them cheaper. Both my wife and I are riding the Fuji Newest 2.0, which retails for $899, but I got mine for $500 and my wife for just a bit more than that.


  1. I've never seen a bike with a front derailleur! I just can't visualise it.

    I'd love a new bike, but cant really justify it and there are more pressing things that need the money. The only way I could get away with it is if mine was stolen.....hmmm!

  2. Really? Looking at your son's bike it looks like he has one! Derailleurs are a quick and dirty way to determine a bike's "worth" assuming the frames are all generally the same. Shimano is the "best" company and their derailleurs from worst to best are: 2300 < Sora < Tiagra < 105. (there are some much better but not on anything cheap) Mine is a Sora/Tiagra and I have ridder dual 105s. To be honest, I can't tell a difference. Those names are for their Road Bikes, they have different names for their Other bike types